“Grandfather Frost” was based on a famous Russian cartoon, written and arranged by the director and one of the producers from GEM ART Production company Jindrich Simek. Five original songs from the Russian movie of the same name by authors Nikolai Budaskin and Nikolai Erdman were included in this production, and Boris Urbanek composed and completed 13 brand new songs for ballet and scenic music.

Song’s Text: by K.M. Wallo and Jiri Sedlacek

Choreography: by Frantisek Blatak

Setting and Costumes: by Alexandr Babraj

Lights Design: by Jan Plesník


In the musical and also in the soundtrack we can hear voices of Karel Gott/Michal Dlouhy (as Ivan), Iveta Bartosova/Lenka Sedlacková (as Nastienka), Vladimir Kratina (as Grandfather Frost), Jirina Bohdalova (as narrator), Vera Spinarová/Hanka Krizková (as Marfusha), Martin Dejdar/Vilem Cok/Jiøí Korn (as Baba Yaga), Yveta Dufkova (as Tomcat), Milena Asmanova/Nadezda Letenska (as grandma), Frantisek Navrat/Milan Sulc (as grandpa), Petr Janda/Boris Urbanek/Ales Brichta/Vladimir Brabec/Jindrich Simek (as outlaws), Jiri Capka/Bohuslav Cvancara (as grandpa “Mushroom”), Pavel Handl/Mojmír Maderic (as bridegroom ), Ludmila Molinová (as old blind woman), Blanka Meierova (as wooer's mother), Daniela Rainischova/Gabriela Haukvicova/Katerina Uherkova/Katerina Krejci/Sasha Polarczykova/Norbert Lichy/Boris Urbanek (kids and animals) and so on.

Music was recorded by Janacek Philharmonic Ostrava (JFO), conductor Petr Vronsky, Moravien’s Chamber Choir, conductor Lubomir Matl, with piano instruments and programming by Boris Urbanek.



As major characters we can see triple world champions in ice skating Rene Novotny and Radka Kovarikova and many other top skaters like a Czech Olympic team member Milan Brzy, sport pairs Otto Dlabola – Katerina Berankova, David Szurman – Katerina Kovalova, dancing pair Ota Jandejsek – Martina Kvarcakova and many others.

Almost 200 performances in the seasons of 98/99 and 99/00 in Czech and Slovak Stadiums saw more than 800 thousand spectators. Soundtrack received a “Gold Plate” for 25,000 in sales of CDs and MCs. Soundtrack (1CD) and complete sound recording ( 2 CD ) were published by Popron.

Video for the hit song “My wish” was made by QQStudio Ostrava.

The book “Grandfather Frost – fairy tale Musical on Ice” was published by

Gem Art Production s.r.o..