In January Boris becomes a band leader of the Ostrava’s Radio Orchestra (ORO). They perform on a festival "Summer Solstice" in Ostrava and "Jazz in the city" in Frydek-Mistek.


On January 19th the premier of newly composed string quartet "Hymnus Advocatus" takes place in TopHotel Prague, performed by "Kapral's Quartet". In the beautiful neorenessance Rudolfinum in Prague takes place Boris' suite called "Pigs' shepard" composed for violoncello and marimbu and performed by Margit Klepacova and Marketa Mazurova.

In June Boris organises Jazz Open Ostrava 2007. Among many others stands out the headliner Apostolis Anthimos (ex SBB) who invites Boris to guest in his concert.
With Michal Hejna from Agarta Records and sax player Stepan Markovic they form a band called Agharta Gang and perform on numerous jazz festivals and in jazz clubs around the Czech Republic. Boris is also guesting on tour of great guitar player Lubos Andrst. For Ostrava’s Radio Orchestra (ORO) he dresses various songs which are performed on the ORO tour.

With Michal Zacek, Rudy Horvath and Ivan Myslikovjan they record a CD called EASY JAZZ (Fontana Rec).
In August he becomes a member of Marie Rottrova Band which tours through the Czech Republic and get vast publicity.
In the city of Stramberk he organises a tour of concerts called "Music stars under the moravian Betlehem" which is attended by numerous artists throughout music genres.


The band Rhythm Desperados records an instrumental live CD "Volcano". They also appear on numerous jazz festivals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Greece (Patras Festival).
In the summer Boris initiates a jazz festival "Jazz on the Castle" in Ostrava. He takes part in a screenplay for a documentary about local jazz club Parnik.
With the band TUTU they accept an invitation from the president of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus to perform on the Prague Castle. A CD "Boris Urbanek and TUTU on the Castle" recording this session is released few months later.
In cooperation with company SmiraPrint he organises jazz concerts in a fabulous city of Stramberk.


In summer of 2005 he records "Childrens' songs" with clarinettist Michal Zacek. With Tonya Graves he initiates new tour for Rhythm Desperados. They attend numerous festivals (Prague Phillips Jazz Festival).


Romeo and Juliet – Deutsche Original Aufnahme (soundtrack), released by German publishing company Sound Of Music in April, becomes a bestseller among musical soundtracks for two months. On 7th April 2004 the world premiere of a romantic musical on ice Romeo and Juliet (under the title Romeo und Julia – das Musical erwect das Eis zum Leben) took place in Davos. Tour continues in Bad Tolz and Hannover (both Germany).

Tonya Graves and her Rhythm Desperados interrupt their music activities. The band - without Tonya but newly with Rosta Fras (sax) - goes on as Prague Agharta Gang. They perform, among others, on a jazz festival in Athens, Greece in May.


He records in Prague’s Ve Smeckach Studio with Orchestr Prazskych Filharmoniku (Prague’s Filharmonic Orchestra) under the baton of a famous conducter Paollo Gatto music for Romantic musical on ice Romeo and Juliet. In Ondrej Soukup’s and Na Propasti Studios all spoken roles were recorded. Brnensky Akademicky Sbor (cond. Dr. Jaroslav Kyzlink) and Boni Pueri (cond. Dr. Pavel Horak) have recorded the choruses. The soundtrack was published by EMI and “baptized” by a 1998 Olympic winner, hockey player David Moravec. The premiere of the musical on ice Romeo and Juliet took place in Ostrava on 17th April 2003.

He also becomes a member of a newly estabilished band Tonya Graves and her Rhythm Desperados. Tonya Graves (USA) – vocal, Boris Urbanek – piano, Michal Hejna – drums, Wimpy Tichota – bass and Pavel Planka – percussion. They record for Czech Television (CT), Czech Radio (CRo), perform on jazz festivals in Cesky Krumlov, Prerov and Horice and in jazz clubs in Ostrava, Plzen, Prague etc.

In July he becomes an art director in the Musical On Ice company, that produces the tour of Romeo and Juliet in the Czech Republic in autumn 2003.

In September he records in Berlin (Musical Net Studio) and Cologne (Soundstudio N) the German version of Romeo and Juliet. Famous German, Swiss and American musical singers recorded the main roles. Julie – Nicole Seeger, Romeo – Sascha Krebs, Shakespeare – Eberhard Storz, Tybalt – Zoltan Tombor, Mercutio – Darius Merstein-McLeod, Mother Kapulet – Brigitte Oelke, Mother Montek – Nicole Sieger, Escalus – Karim Khawatmi, Paris – Carsten Axel Lepper, Nurse – Kerstin Frank, Benvolio – Jonathan Guss. The author of the German translation was Mrs. Melitta Edith, who also translated Jekyll & Hyde and The Scarlett Pimpernel. The German version was realized under a supervision of a conductor of Dusseldorf Opera and boss of Musical Net Company Mr.Koen Schoots.


While composing music for a romantic musical on ice Romeo and Juliet, he wrote and recorded theme music for Helax Radio (Ostrava)


He composed and recorded music for first Czech animated full-length film  "Wonderful Show" which producer and director Vladimir Mraz rewrote based on LaFontains’s Fables. Lyrics for the fifteen stories written by Jiri Sedlacek, Marek Dohnal, Hermina Motylova and Jiri M. Brabec. Characters’ voices performed by Vera Spinarová, Heidi, Lucie Vondrácková, Zofie Kabelková, Jan Spáleny, Petr Janda, Dan Bárta, Jirí Korn, Oto Klempír, Norbert Lichy, Jirí Sedlácek, Boris Urbánek, Václav Neckár, children’s choir Ondrásek, girl’s choir was formed by Katerina Krejcí, Daniela Rainischová, Katerina Uherková and Lucie Bergerová.

Boris participates in a new album from Vera Spinarova "Za vse muzu ja" ("It's all my fault“).


Boris composed - with cooperation of Czech Radio Symphonic Orchestra (cond. Vladimir Valek) - theme music for Czech Radio 2 - Station Prague (CRo 2)

1999 – present

He prepares and presents his shows in Czech Public Radio on stations Prague, Vltava and Ostrava called “On The Steamboat with Boris Urbanek”, “Jazz Nocturne”, “Jazz Live from Ostrava”, “Jazz 'Round Midnight”, “Siesta” and others.


He composed music for the most successful project in Czech Republic, the

Fairy tale musical on Ice “Grandfather Frost - Mrazik”. Almost 200 performances in the 98/99 and 99/00 seasons in Czech and Slovak Stadiums saw more than 800 thousand spectators. Music was recorded by Janacek Philharmonics Ostrava (JFO), conductor Petr Vronsky, Moravien’s Chamber Choir, conductor Lubomir Matl, with piano instruments and programming by Boris Urbanek. Soundtrack received a “Gold Plate” for 25,000 in sales of CDs and MCs. look at Mrazik

On the 22nd of November 1998 his second son, Tadeas, was born.


He composed, produced and recorded a progressive acid jazz hip-hop CD “UV Drive” in cooperation with eminent jazz pianist and composer Emil Viklicky.

In addition to TUTU he established a pure Ostrava band called “Boris Band Combination” (BBC), in which the young band The Gizd Q was included, made up of graduates from Academy of Music Ostrava. Tenor saxophone player Rudolf Brezina (G.Brom Orchestra) often plays as a guest artist with them.

Band members: Boris Urbanek – piano instruments; Michal Zacek – soprano saxophone; Vlastimil Smida – trumpet; Jaroslav Janek – bass guitar; Patrik Benek – drums; Jakub Kupcik – percussion


CD „Sundance“ look at TUTU


In duet with alto saxophonist Ivan Myslikovjan, he composed and made an album called “Nice to Meet You”.

1993 – present

Because of his expanding composing activities, Boris established in 1993 “hard disc recording” studio “PARADISE MUSIC”, which also produces music for commercials.

In this studio Boris has created complete music designs for radio and TV stations. Since 1992 he has cooperated with Radio Orion in Ostrava, since 1997 with Czech Public Radio in Olomouc, Radio Zlin (1999) and TV Polar Ostrava (1998).

Boris has created scenic music for many Radio Plays, short subject and animated films, TV documentaries and shows.

He composes songs for many vocalists and soloists like TOCR Bratislava, Vera Spinarova, J.A.R., Leona Machalkova, Beata Dubasova, Rebecca, Heidi, Renata Drossler, Kasia Karasek, Emil Viklicky, Ivan Myslikovjan, Janackova Filharmonie Ostrava or Harry Watters and William Grimes (USA) look at discography.

He also is the author of anthems for Czech hockey clubs HC Vitkovice (1994) and Femax Havirov.

1992 – present

Jazz teacher:

Boris teaches Jazz piano and improvisation in Karel’s Velebny Summer Jazz Workshop in Frydlant in North Bohemia every year.

Together with Ing.Stepan Rainish, he established Jazz Foundation Ostrava, which ran Jazz Club Blanik, and later jointly with the Center of Culture and Education Ostrava Parnik Club on Sokolska Street, which organizes, every year, the summer jazz festival “Jazz Club Live”.

Boris Urbanek continues with this tradition although the Jazz Foundation was discontinued.


CD „Mr Jazzman look at TUTU

1990 – present


Boris also composes for theaters in the Czech Republic.

Petr Bezruc’s Theatre in Ostrava – musical “Cvokstory” from polish author Andrzej Strzelecky – in original “Zle zachovanie” with Czech text from Jaroslav Wykrent.

Also music for the play “Villon-Zizen u pramene” from J. Edlis, 1991.

Theatre of Brothers Mrstik's in Brno – “Oedipus King” from Jan Skacel, 1993

City Theatre in Karlovy Vary – “Player” from F.M. Dostoievsky and P. Kohout, 1995.

National Theatre Moravian-Silesian in Ostrava – “Comic” from J. Osborne, 1997 and

“Klicovou dirkou” from J. Orten, 1999. Music for Orten’s play was also used in Prague’s Theatre Na Fidlovacce in 2000.


Member of Richard Muller’s band “Banket”.

LP/CD “Vpred”, produced in 1990 by OPUS.

1989 – 1996

Boris collaborated for a long time with Ostrava’s Radio Orchestra (ORO) and

Ostrava’s Radio Jazz Orchestra (JORO) as a composer and arranger. On March he took place in the Orchestra. He also worked with notable Czechoslovak artists and soloists like J.Konopasek, J.Koubkova,  K.Ruzicka, E.Viklicky, J.Stivín, S.Kosvanec, M.Svoboda, L.Andrst, Zd.Fiser and others.

Festival Jazz In Duketown - Hertogenbosch (Holland 1991).

In 1996 the Orchestra came to an end.

They recorded two CDs – “JORO Live” 1992 and “JORO Classic” 1994

1988 – 1990

Member of accompaniment band Supernova with vocalist HEIDI.

Tour in USSR – Moscow, Talin, Riga, Vilna (1988)

Recorded three LPs/CDs “Novinka” (1988), “Trip Around My Body” (1989), “Heidi” (1990).

1987 – present


He founded Jazz – Fusion Band “TUTU”.

1987 – 1991

Member of the Peter Lipa’s Combo in Bratislava

Band members: Peter Lipa – vocalist; Juraj Bartos –trumpet; Karol Lago / Ivan Myslikovjan – alto saxophone; Anton Jaro / Jenny Krompolc –bass guitar, Cyril Zelenak / Jan Fabricky – drums; Andrej Seban – guitar; Boris Urbanek – piano;

Festivals: Midtfyns - Odense (Denmark 1986), Jazz Pori (Finland 1988), Jazz In Duketown - Hertogenbosch (Holland 1988), Erding (West Germany 1988), Antwerp (Belgium 1988), Bratislava’s Jazz Days (1988), Palermo (Italy 1989), Arhuss (Denmark 1990)

He for the most part composed and arranged LP “That’s The Way It Is” (OPUS, 1988)

Besides Combo he played with Peter Lipa in duet only (Malta 1989)

1986 – 1987

He was a member of Czechoslovak Blues Band of Lubos Andrst and Peter Lipa.

Band members: Peter Lipa – vocalist; Lubos Andrst – guitar; Dusan Hajek / Pavol Kozma – drums; Alexej Charvat – bass guitar; Boris Urbanek – Fender Piano;

Festivals: Toured in Cuba and participated in the jazz festival Jazz Latin Plaza ’86

in Havana, and The Blues on Danube – Bratislava 1986;

Recorded LP  “Blues Office”, published by Supraphon.

1984 – 1985

At this time Boris was also a member of the band called ESO (former Alternative).

1984 – 1986

Boris and Martin Kratochvil, composer and piano player, formed a duet called JAZZ IQ, using in those days the newest computer techniques and MIDI systems.

They participated in the Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow in 1985.

1981 – 1986

Boris successfully completed a course in  “Jazz Practice” by Karel Velebny in Prague.

In 1982 he started his first amateur Jazz band called “Jazz Laboratory” (“Jazz Lab”).

Jazz festivals: Blansko - Jazz days 1983, Prerov's CAJF 1984, Karlovy Vary CAJF – 1984 ( 3rd place in competition of amateur Jazz bands), Sumperk 1985

On the 18th of December 1983, his first son, Adam, was born.